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  • Email Tracker

    Email tracker is not a conventional email hosting service, it’s the new patented way to offer Smart Email Hosting . You get everything that you get in a typical email hosting service, and several new add on features to help your organization function smoothly.

    Email Tracker allows the department supervisors, to access and monitor any eMail (received and sent ) by the team members. This includes mail sent or received from any location, any device or any email client.

    Email Tracker values your emails as much as you do! Therefore, we offer you a patented hosting solution against downtime and breakdowns. With our hosting you will NEVER EVER lose your emails, GUARANTEED! With EMAIL TRACKER you can access and retrieve your emails from any device anywhere any time.

  • Why Mail Tracking

    Now a days, almost entire business communication happens thru email. It is extremely important for the business managers to be able to track all the email communication happening internally, or with the outside world.

    With Email Tracker, EVERY email sent or received by your team members is automatically stored in our patented hosted servers or redirected to free id like gmail . You can access these emails via any internet enabled device, and rely upon built-in Google search to quickly access the email you are looking for.


  • How it Works

    Once the domain get hosted on our Premium server which have Patented technologies a copy of all the Outgoing and Incoming Mails automatically pushed on a defined mail boxes either on the same server or on any free email accounts .

    To activate these services your need to host the domain on our server or else you can change the MX Record of your domain to our Server .

  • Advantage
    • Access ALL Outgoing and Incoming emails, not just yours, but your entire team!
    • Centralised 24x7Auto backup of all email accounts.
    • Auto Backup all your email accounts. Never loose a mail. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
    • Access historical emails even if you deleted in Outlook
    • Web Client to access emails thru any internet enabled device
    • Super Smart Search to quickly search for the email you need.
    • No Software or Hardware
    • No IT Support. No Risks of human mistakes
    • Built-in Anti Virus and Malware protection.
  • How to Start

    Either you can host your domain completely on our EMail Tracker Server

    Or if you have the Domain Control Panel you can change your

    MX records of your domain to point to our EMail Tracker Server.

    In case you don't know how to go about this, our technical support team

    will assist you by sending you the necessary changes which you can simply

    forward to your Hosting Provider.


Online Auto Backup of all eMail

Access Mail Any Time Any Where Online

Restore Corrupted eMails

When your Outlook get corrupted

Access deleted eMails

Even from Inbox


Monitor all eMail accounts

Even you are far from your office

Access anybody's eMails

When you are in need

No Hardware / Software Required

Online Hosted Solution

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“The online email tracking service allows me to back up all my clients mails. And at any time I can help them get back any emails they may have lost.No tapes, no backup software and no additional instructions.”
Rana S, VP Sales, CandidMatch Inc.


“It  is a great hosting  which helps us provide disaster prevention and recovery services to our clients email . Having this kind of Hosting solution in our arsenal of services has helped us penetrate our target market and provides a solution that is in high demand.” 
Mehul , Uniquetech ,Mumbai


“We host our domain on email tracker . It has replaced our backup software for emails with good reason... ”
Nehal , R Kothari


"I accidentally deleted my main Outlook .pst file while moving to a new laptop..That was scary! .Email Tracker team walked me through a very simple recovery process. It worked flawlessly. Thank You, Email Tracker"  
Rupesh Namdev,Marketing Head ,Oatey India .


“We sure appreciate your online mail tracking with backup service. I know it gives me peace of mind.” 
Navdeep , AquaMech


“Establishing an account with Email Tracker was unbelievably easy and it took just a few minutes. The cost is very reasonable and having a backup of our system email is priceless.” 
Anjana G , Director , Ecokem


 “Email Tracker has saved us time, money, and most importantlly emails ! This hosting has paid for itself already.
The ease of use from monitoring / backup / search / restore is fabulous.” 
K .Mukharjee , Marketing Head, Metal Photo India


“This hosting with backup service is truly on the cutting edge! It was so simple and direct! We were truly impressed.”
Chetan Himani, Jicon Industries .


“My hard drive crashed and just got my new computer. Email Tracker worked perfectly and I was able to restore all my emails.
Satya Prakash (Chartered Accountant) ,  


“With all of the viruses and worms attacking computers, it really takes the fear out of losing our Outlook Program but with email tracking we are safe as one copy always available online and that is on free Gmail account . 
Mr. Shiva ,MSK Shipping